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Graphic Designer & CREATIVE Photographer 

First things first, how in the world do you pronounce my name? Well its: Tina (TEE-nuh) Floersch (FLERSH).

Now that we have that out of the way...

I was born and raised in Minnesota and currently reside in the city of Denver, Colorado. I attended the University of Wisconsin - Stout and graduated in December of 2013 with a B.F.A in Graphic Design & Interactive Media with an emphasis on Graphic Design. 

I was then offered a full-time position in February at Engineered Network Systems as their graphic designer and marketing specialist and then a year later promoted to Design & Marketing Associate Manager. I worked there for an additional 2 years until making the move to focus my energy on my freelance graphic design and photography business in March of 2017. 

I have a deep passion and love for being involved in charity and non-profit photography - I believe that giving back is the best way to use my skills to better the world.

I am always working to keep my design and photography skills sharp and up to date. I love to learn and and I will constantly be growing as a designer and photographer with no stopping point in mind.


Menage Quad - The Keep - Megan Hamilton -  One Month to Give -  Healing Haiti (Port au Prince, Haiti) - Wishes & More (Annual Ball, Spring 2015) - Habitat for Humanity - Twin Cities - Hemp Infinite - Selerant - Slink Proper - AWOL Academy


The Dieline,  MUROL Tales


Moon Magazine - Vol. 3


UW-Stout VISIONS the Year End Studio Art Exhibition 2013