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The Beauty of Being // Logo Design


Company Mission: The Beauty of Being is a health and wellness coaching company that encourages healthy lifestyles and focuses on daily changes in your life. Changes that only you can make on your own with simply setting daily decisions to be well and focusing on making changes on a day-to-day basis.

Take a moment now to consider this: every decision you make changes your life. We all daydream about how we'd life our life be, and we think about this in the future-tense. "Someday" I'll be better about drinking more water, "someday" I'll eat healthy, "someday" i'll be more assertive, "someday" I'll make stress-management a priority.

But, we often forget that the future doesn't actually exist - it is an invention of the human mind. The only way to manifest the things we want fro our life in the future is to manifest those diners right now. The term"well-being" means to be well right now - the present state of being well. There is no word for a past or future state of wellness, just a word for this exact moment in time.

Project Scope: I was hired to create a brand that represented wellness in a playful and inviting manner. I took a few requested elements for the brand and brought them together in a cohesive brand.