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Well, something pretty amazing has happened in the past month. I was offered a gig to go and do some concert photography a few weekends ago and I was so hesitant to say yes because I had never done anything like it before. But, I took a few gigs that weekend, both back to back nights and then another one this past Monday and let me tell you, I love it and I hate it. I love it because I get to be up front and personal with some of the coolest artists performing around the Minneapolis area. But, I hate it because it is SO DIFFICULT. The lighting is awful, the performers are constantly moving and I have to work around other potential photographers that might be in the pit with me. Even though all of these things makes it so hard, I still love it. I love the energy of the people and just taking pictures in general makes me happy. Plus, I am now one of the main photographers/ graphic designers for a company called GrowYourFlow - GYF offers an outlet for the rap/hip-hop community, focusing mainly on independent artists. Providing exclusive interviews, tour dates, music video's project releases, industry news & more! 

The first show I shot was at The Icehouse in Minneapolis for an album release party for K.Raydio and O-D featuring Metasota & Tek as their opening. You can read the full write up on that show here

The second show I did was for ¡MursDay! which is the title of the collaborative album by American Hip Hop group ¡MayDay!  and rapper Murs. The show was held at Skyway Theater in Minneapolis. 

and last but not least, my favorite of shows that I have shot thus far - G-Eazy and E-40 during their Bay to the Universe tour. They had two sold out shows this past weekend at First Avenue venue in Minneapolis. It was quite amazing and being able to photograph one of my favorite artists made the show even better! I went with my sister and her boyfriend and we had a blast! It was definitely a night to remember. 

Well, there you have it. My first experience and exposure to concert photography. I hope you enjoyed these pictures and there will hopefully be more to come! I will be continuing to shoot concerts and improve my skills overall with this tricky category of photography.


Until next time, beauties. - T