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Bedroom Tour

I have been wanting to do a bedroom tour blog post for years, I was going to do one at my last place I lived but I ended up moving out before I got to it. I love my room where I live now and I am so sad that I have to move out in a month. So, I wanted to get pictures of my little sanctuary before the packing began.



This orange, crushed velvet chair is one of my most recent acquisitions and also my favorite piece in my room.

I snagged it for $20 off of Craigslist. 

This nook in my room is directly across from my bed and chair, which makes it the perfect seating area for watching tv or listening to music while reading a book. It displays a variety of my favorite photos, perfume, bracelets and books. 


Crystals, incense and candles -


Now, bathrooms aren't the most glorious things to photograph however, there are elements in here that have a lot of meaning to me. One of them being the statue on top of the cabinet that my mother bought me as a reminder that women should be portrayed like this one, with curves and rolls. 

Towards the end of my room is my multi-purpose office and closet area that I have slightly divided off by a mirror and a curtain.

This is where most of my design and photography magic happens.


Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this look inside my sanctuary and seeing some of my favorite things and ways to decorate my space.

My biggest piece of advice for decorating is to just have those things that you love to look at, where you will see them the most. Another piece of advice is when you first move into a new place, get a basic idea of where you're putting furniture and then hang up your framed pieces first! It helps me feel the most at home when the walls have been decorated. <3

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