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ENS Corporate Branding

My first job right out of college was being hired on full time at ENS after being a Graphic Design intern for a few summers during college. After graduating, I was hired on full time as their Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist. My time at ENS was an evolving experience, I was constantly being challenged with new problems and running the Marketing department on my own for over a year really pushed me to be self sufficient and creative in ways I never expected when I first started on.  

ENS is the premier provider of technology mounting solutions that put technology to use for our customers. We design and manufacture payment terminal stands, carts, cabinets and mounting solutions for keyboards, printers, flat panel monitors and tablets or partner with our team of experts to create a custom solution just for you.

ENS Branding 

Throughout the years of working at ENS, our brand was in constant need of evolving but with the one person marketing team, it was hard to keep up with and/ or focus enough time on. So, for a few years the brand evolved little by little with minor changes that slowly evolved into this final brand identity. 

The ENS logo was in a constant state of evolving in trying to keep up with modern brands as well as our competition and partners. The final design on the left is the most modern looking without losing our recognition.

The ENS logo was in a constant state of evolving in trying to keep up with modern brands as well as our competition and partners. The final design on the left is the most modern looking without losing our recognition.



For years, the team and I at ENS were constantly trying to find a tagline that encompassed all that the company does without getting too worry. There were a lot of renditions that were great, but they just were so long and hard to use within the branding. After the marketing team grew, we finally had enough heads to come together and try to nail down the tagline for good. This tagline, although a group effort with the wording, it was my idea to display it as a wheel of key words that could be swapped according to the application or message that was being conveyed. 

Business Card Design

Just as the logo needed constant updating, so did the business cards. With the evolution of the logo, the business card needed to reflect that brand change. After many years and many different designs, our branding came to a finalized state and the final business card design was born.

Previous Business Card Design - 2015

Business Card - 2017

Web Design

As the ENS branding moved forward. the website was just as quickly falling behind. ENS hired a web developer company to code our website, but I was in charge of the overall direction and feel of the website. The website needed to move away from an E-Commerce feeling website to a portfolio style showcase that encompassed the abilities of ENS. 

Old ENS Corporate Website

New ENS Corporate Website

Although some parts of the website had to be changed in order to be coded correctly, there is a large portion that is still exact replications of my designs. 


Literature was a large portion of my work at ENS, these were constantly created and distributed to our sales team as tools and leave-behinds for partners and customers. These varied from overviews of the company to introducing new product lines and custom projects. 


With a new brand, there needs to be guidelines to keep them in place for years to come. Along with the overall brand guidelines, I created a few additional guidelines to help keep the brand consistent in other aspects and applications. 

Product Photography

In addition to design and branding, a large portion of my role at ENS was product photography and videography. 

In addition to photos, I also created GIF's for certain products  in order to showcase the function of them and how they would be used in the field. (Click on thumbnail if animation does not load)

Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show coordination and design was another large part of my job at ENS, every year we rented space at NRF (National Retail Federation) in New York and every year I designed the booth graphics and even new booth components as they were needed. 

Other Branding & Logos

There were constantly new product lines and custom projects that needed their own individual branding and logo design in order to distinguish them from the usual part number system within the company. Not everything became popular enough for them to need their own branding, but when they did, the engineers turned to me to brainstorm and create names and logos for these products.



This was a handheld tablet system originally created for a specific customer, but it turned out to be such a great project and overall product that ENS decided to take it one step further and create branding and packaging to sell this product to everyday consumers. With this project, I took on every aspect of creating the brand, including the name, logo, website design and packaging insert design. 



I took a different direction with this product line, I wanted to introduce a handwritten feel to the ENS family. Genesis was a new line of payment terminal stands that had a unique base and attachment system. I wanted to steer away from the engineering feel that dominates the ENS branding, which works but this time I wanted to bring a new perspective and this new product line was the perfect opportunity. 


Verge 355

With this logo, I wanted to keep more of the engineering feel to it, but still trying to make it a unique logo that would be distinguishable from the others while working simultaneously with the primary ENS mark.