Tina Floersch Design & Photography
Graphic Design + Creative Photography

Golden Soul Apparel


I was approached in November of 2016 by a man named Jordan Rahme, he had recently met one of my friends at a festival and was telling them all about this clothing line idea that he wanted to bring to life but did not have the creative mentality to build the designs and branding for the brand. After some name dropping and contact information swapping, Jordan reached out to me and we talked for hours on end about what is now known as Golden Soul Apparel. Together, we launched GSA in June of 2017 with a handful of designs.  Check it out here: goldensoulapparel.co


Creative Direction

I took over the role of creative director for the brand, I jumped in head first and started creating a handful of shirt designs that fit the aesthetic of the brand and what we wanted to represent as a company. I took a mix of previous designs that I had created as well as new designs created specifically for GSA (Golden Soul Apparel). In addition to the shirt designs, I created the logo, brand identity and all  photography and social media graphics. 


In combination with creating the t-shirt designs, I also took on the product photography for advertising, social media posts and website content.

Website Design

Creating a website that would match our brand aesthetic and showcase our products in perfect harmony was one of the biggest priorities when launching the company.