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Playworks.com Re-design Challenge

As a final group project for an Interactive Design course we were given the task of re-designing the playworks.com website. The new website could be redesigned however we wanted, we could also re-design the logo and main characters if desired; our group chose to re-design both. 

The overall idea of Playworks.com is that it is a part of National Childrens Theater (NTC) and they perform plays at schools with educational messages. After the play, both the teachers and the kids recieve handouts that have a code on them and promt them to go to the website. The teachers will take this code and be able to take a survey about the show. Once the survey has been completed, they have access to a teachers only page where they can upload photos and videos, participate in a discussion group and sumbit a take action and win essay. The kids and family are prompted to sign-up for an account after entering their code. Once they get to the family only page, they can view photos and videos and participate in the take action and win contest.

Teacher & Family Handouts:


Playworks Login Page: 


Playworks Survey Page (After code from teacher's handout has been entered):


Teacher Page:


Member sign-up (after kids & family code has been entered):


Family Page: